Vision into growth

Hospitality prospects look good. Numbers of people with disposable income are fast increasing. Emerging economies all over the world are driving new levels of business travel.


Growth opportunity knocks for hotels, food and beverage outlets, and many other suppliers of hospitality services. Tomorrow’s winners will be those companies that recognize a changing customer, and respond with innovation, technology and new business models.

Connected customers


People are now immersed in the digital world, and demand hospitality services that offer the same speed and flexibility they get in their home and business lives. They also expect personalized service, based on choices they make when they book online.


And many want leisure activities offered as a joined up ‘anytime, anywhere’ service, with travel bookings and ticket buying, car park arranging, and hotel services, all available from their smart phone.


Business people are no less demanding. Travel and expense costs are often as big as a company’s IT spend. They need to cuts costs, gain control, and reduce unprofitable admin time.

Atos puts your vision into action


Atos is ready to help you respond to new customer demands, and grasp the opportunities ahead. We are doing it now, all over the world, with imaginative solutions.


Our self-service kiosks, for example, are delivering fast and easy check-in and check-out services in many hotels, reducing delays, providing cross-selling opportunities, and enabling reception staff to be more productive.


The MyCity project is transforming hospitality services access and joined-up connectivity in Barcelona. 


We have 14 years’ experience in hotel business account services, devising strong customer acquisition strategies that deliver cost savings and control to business customers, and maximise our hotel and retail clients’ customer uptake and retention.


Our self-service kiosk transactions are backed by unrivalled multi-channel payments expertise. That expertise also enables us to take full responsibility for credit and risk management of our business account schemes.


We are also evolving innovations and all kinds of new business models from other industries for our hospitality clients. 


One of our most exciting retail developments is a global sports leisure client’s digital signage wall. That innovation can be transferred into a hotel lobby, providing a multi-purpose digital wall for check-in and check-out, bookings of other services, and access to information.


We can help you develop multi-sided market solutions – gathering and cross-linking data to create value, with new partners offering new ideas, sharing costs, and driving new value into your business.  

We can help meet new levels of business efficiency and productivity using our social collaboration software solutions.


We can help identify new marketing targets, tailor your offerings, and support your competitiveness, by better managing and analyzing your growing volumes of guest data.



Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

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