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Atos works with clients in transport on a broad range of innovative initiatives. These span:

  • Metropolitan congestion charging and traffic management 
  • Integrated/multimodal ticketing and journey management for railway, bus and metro
  • Operational ERP and local transport integration for airports 
  • Connected vehicle programs with automotive companies

In all these activities and engagements, foundation IT plays a crucial role. Core infrastructure, application management and operations, workplace services and user support remain the bedrock on which innovation is built.

Foundation IT is not static. New technology and commercial models emerge, such as those driven by cloud, and your chosen IT service partners must be adept in balancing continuity and change.

So take time to stand back, and to consider the extended landscape of foundation IT. Ask how an integrated approach to the foundation can support and promote fuller integration across transport itself.

Take time to reflect on foundation IT in transport.

Foundation IT in Transport

Atos delivers a broad range of foundation IT services to clients across central, regional and local government sectors. Our foundation IT consultants are ready to work with you at both a strategic and operational level. Ultimately, all aspects of foundation IT are interconnected, and it is always worthwhile spending time reflecting on the big picture from process, technology and partnership perspectives.

Areas of particular interest include:

Shared Service

Multi-modal transport hubs become key in successful urban transport strategies.
As an expert in integration, Atos shared service centers become a natural point of focus in these exciting initiatives.

Application Management and Operation

As transport operators seek to engage with clients using smart mobile and social network techniques, the pressure is on to develop and track new applications.

Application management and operations are core capabilities for Atos. We ensure continuity for heritage applications and provide advanced cloud-based test and development platforms for rapid provisioning of new applications.


Sustainability is high on the agenda for every transport company, and that extends directly into IT usage.

With GRI A+ accreditation, Atos helps its transport clients set the highest standards for green IT – with cloud and virtualization clear influences.

Adaptive Workplace

Public and private sector transport companies need to equip employees for maximum productivity while minimizing workplace costs.

The Atos Adaptive Workplace is driven by the needs of the employee. It is designed for continuity and cost-efficiency – minimizing the need for refresh and capital investment.

Ticketing and CRM

Travelers don’t just choose the transport company – they choose the ticket provider too. Loyalty is a priority in these highly competitive environments.

If desired, Atos can design, build and operate entire CRM programs to ensure that every transaction boosts loyalty and reveals new business intelligence.


Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

Foundation IT in Transport

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