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Connected travel management- An ideal experience At Every Connection

The world is urbanizing fast, with 60% of the human race expected to be living in cities by 2030. The growth of mega cities and corridors is leading to a massive growth in demand for transport, with 50% of all journeys soon expected to be by public transport.

And the economy is also globalizing. Today, cities compete against each other for jobs and investment, while companies have built supply chains that span the world as even smaller businesses trade internationally.

Business travel and tourism are also growing all the time, bringing more and more people to the world’s great cities. All of this places huge pressures on urban transport infrastructures, where the over-riding aim is to ensure maximum speed and efficiency, with an excellent passenger experience at every connection.

Fast and efficient transport networks play a key role in enabling both economic success and growing quality of life. Yet the transport landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with multi-modal systems managed by a growing number of independent rail and bus operators. The rise in use of handheld devices also fuels a growing hunger for real-time services, and smart mobility is becoming a way of life.

So how can we ensure maximum efficiency, the best possible passenger experience and seamless integration between all forms of transport and every kind of operator: delivering excellence to passengers at every connection?

The right solutions, end to end

Atos Connected Travel Management delivers integrated solutions, focused on the needs of passengers and operators, alike: ensuring convenience, efficiency and speed for every traveller, with efficiency and profitability for operators. The Atos solution portfolio covers every stage of the travel experience:


  • Journey management, with multi-channel options for reviewing options, making informed decisions, buying in advance and accessing real-time information on the move
  • Ticketing and settlement, giving operators integrated solutions for automated payment, revenue collection, distribution between multiple companies accurately and efficiently
  • Operational management, enabling transport businesses to reach new levels of efficiency in everything from route planning to capacity, crew and value chain management

In a complex economic environment, the travel options keep growing while the need for integration and seamless connections becomes more urgent. The Atos connected travel management strategy is built around passengers and based on a deep understanding of commercial realities for transport companies. We are committed to passenger satisfaction and to operator profitability.

Atos has an integrated vision for complex transport environments, keeping the traffic, goods and people flowing freely at every connection. To find out more about our integrated portfolio for travel and transport, contact us and get connected today.


Atos at every connection


Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

Position Paper

Atos builds on long experience and comprehensive client feedback to bring fresh thinking to travel management: an approach based on a truly integrated, connected vision. That’s the key to better performance at every connection.

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