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Looking towards the future with Atos integrated air transport solutions


The world is on the move and the number of journeys made in this global economy continues to increase exponentially. With freight set to double within the next 20 years and travel on the up, the future of air transport lies in an integrated approach. One that connectsa rapidly growing market under vastly reduced budgets and increased customer demands.

Atos’ integrated approach

Atos integrated air transport solutions (IATS) is an end-to-end approach, looking at all aspects involved in Air Transport Operations. Atos IATS delivers better performance today and acts as the first step to the future.

Integrated air transport solutions include:

Enhanced passenger experience
Supporting greater customer satisfaction through technology for journey planning, mobile check-in, passenger guidance, loyalty solutions, bag services, and more.

End-to-end Airport Integration Platform
This comprehensive solution integrates airport applications across an industry standard, service-oriented architecture that is adapted to specific requirements.

Ready for the Cloud
We provide an agile solution where cloud and legacy technologies combine to offer a best customer fit.


Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

Towards air transport of the future with Atos integrated air transport solutions.

Atos towards air transport of the future

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