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Atos is your partner for complete end-to end
Product Lifecycle Management


With innovation and accelerated product development at the top of today’s manufacturers’ to-do list, an effective Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) vision and strategy is a must-have. For manufacturers as well as for any company dealing the engineering and product design, effective adoption of PLM is critical to meeting today’s business challenges.


Benefit from a complete end-to-end approach,
Product development processes have an important influence throughout the entire enterprise, including sharing of data and information, and collaborative processes which are required to work in synch (often remotely and spread either geographically or from different domains). We at Atos understand that PLM, before being a product, a piece of technology or information, is a “mindset” and a “strategy” where collaboration, share and joint focus are the main elements.


Our portfolio of services is centered on our customers, their needs and their “journey” through PLM. Starting from the awareness phase, where a company wants to understand the value and the return on investment to put in place a structured and IT supported PLM initiative, driven by best practices, down to software selection and implementation to end the cycle with corrective and evolutive application management. Because PLM must be fully integrated enterprise-wide, Atos ensures that all processes and systems are configured to work optimally at every stage including concept (CAD/CAM), manufacturing (MES), document management (ECM), enterprise asset management (MRO) and enterprise workflows (ERP).


You can benefit from Atos´ extensive 20+ years of experience in design, build and run of PLM solutions. As Atos is vendor neutral you can be assured that we will be using the best-in-class products that fit your business challenges and ambitions. We cover the full spectrum of services for all your expectations, improved and enhanced by our accelerators to ensure quality and speed of execution:

  • PLM Consulting: identify and define a highly effective, efficient, tailored PLM solution
  • PLM Core Solutions: management of products and data supported by modular components
  • PLM Accelerators: industry specific solutions, methodologies and best practices: fully implemented and integrated solutions.
  • PLM Application and Infrastructure Management: corrective and evolutive maintenance, help-desk and innovative infrastructure solutions such as PLM on the cloud.

We regard all PLM engagements as business projects, rather than IT projects. As a showcase for PLM and change management best practice, Atos is firmly software-agnostic while working in parallel with technology leaders including Aras, Dassault Systèmes, Oracle, PTC, Siemens and SAP.


Why Atos?

  • Over 20 years of PLM experience supported by 400 experts, best practices and mature methodologies
  • We deliver 'first time right' solutions that add tangible competitive advantage
  • Our Global Production Centers, in tandem with our PLM Technology Center, deliver low-cost industrialized solutions and services founded on best-practice ITIL®-based processes and technology excellence
  • Projects lead by teams that are highly experienced in manufacturing sub-sectors and processes plus experts in business and industrial control systems, data extraction and visualization of real-time business intelligence
  • We provide full-service packages from PLM Application Management to on-demand PLM solutions that make PLM more widely available at a lower price point.

PLM On-Demand based on Cloud
Atos strategic approach and wide experience in Cloud Computing, coupled with our PLM competences put us in the best position to be your business technologists partner to build and run PLM into a full Cloud environment, taking advantage of scalability, flexibility and reduced total costs of ownership. Our “Dynamic PLM” offers a modular approach to all services that are key to run Cloud PLM.


The pay-as-you-go model gives customers an easy-to-use, up-and-running, pre-configured solution. It also transforms fixed costs to a variable cost, reducing your company’s capital expenditure, while avoiding the risk of deployment over-runs (of on-site systems).

Typical business benefits include

  • Reduced development costs to 30% due to project development optimization
  • Better Time-to-Market up to 50% due to reduction of engineer change processes
  • Improved global collaboration to 60% because of more industrialized design review processes
  • Improved compliance up to 25% thanks to a minimization of design errors and re-iterations
  • Reduction of complexity up to 50% as the result of better time-to-design and seamless link with manufacturing

To get even more from bringing on-demand PLM into your manufacturing environment, we offer a range of complementary services including: PLM Consulting, PLM Core Templates and PLM Process and Industry Specific Templates.


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PLM General




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Veronique Lacassin
Global Marketing Leader

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  • Dynamic PLM Services (DPS)


Key Facts 

  • Over 900 global PLM specialists
  • More than 200 implemented PLM solutions worldwide
  • 20 years experience in design and delivery of PLM solutions
  • Expertise in all areas of PLM
  • Solid partnerships with leading PLM software package vendors



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