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Information Technology at the heart of the ‘Enterprise without boundaries'


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There has never been a better time to explore how you can harness the power of technology and use it to power progress for your business, your customers, and the wider society.


At Atos, as business technologists, we work every day in helping our clients develop the processes and technologies that enable new agile and effective business models, open up new opportunities and deliver a new competitive edge in a world without boundaries.


Journey to 2016


We’d like to take the opportunity to share with you ‘Ascent Journey 2016 – Enterprise without boundaries'. This is a unique and comprehensive analysis from the Atos Scientific Community that presents our predictions and visions of the mega trends, challenges, and emerging disruptive technologies that will shape business through to 2016.


This publication should give you valuable insights that will enable you to look ahead, anticipate change and project your business into the future, to make sure you are ready for what lies ahead. It is available for you to download here.


The building blocks for progress


We would also like to introduce what we feel are three key building blocks for the manufacturing enterprise of the future; these building blocks, if embraced today, will act as the core technical enablers of progress:

  • Seamless applications
  • Cloud facilities
  • Enterprise Social Collaboration.

These three pillars are the foundations for an integrated manufacturing IT infrastructure that can help transform your business and future-proof it for the challenges of the ever more complex, ultra-competitive business landscape.


Globalization, collaboration, performance, cost optimization, flexibility and security are no longer ‘nice to have’ requirements in a successful manufacturing business but ‘must have’ necessities for effective and efficient future business process management.


We have a selection of white papers and solution documents covering Application Management, Cloud, and Enterprise Social Collaboration that present our vision, capabilities, and experience in these business-critical areas. They are available for you to download here


We have a true global market presence, reputation, size and reach. Please take the time to look at the insight, information and solutions we offer and if you consider we could be the right Business Technologists to partner you, please email us by clicking here. We will be very happy to contact you and engage in further discussion on the journey to making your business a ‘manufacturing enterprise without boundaries’.


The Atos Manufacturing Team

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Veronique Lacassin

Ascent journey cover


"At Atos, we believe that we can power progress for the good of our clients, their customers and the wider society through our role as Business Technologists. I'm sure that you will find Ascent Journey 2016 the ideal guide to better understand the business challenges we have in front of us, and be prepared for the world in 2016"
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO, Atos

Download copy of report here >>

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