Achieving full manufacturing integration


Every manufacturing company is focused on the pursuit of sustainable, effective and agile operations. Over the next five to ten years, the winners will be those who understand the value of integration across function, department and process.

Only integration can deliver the actionable intelligence needed for enterprise-wide collaboration – and that collaboration is the key to the reduced time-to-market and greater flexibility needed to satisfy customer demand.

Atos is perfectly positioned to help its manufacturing clients achieve the degree of technical and process integration required. This is thanks, in part, to our depth of experience in designing, building and operating information systems in both production and business management environments.

Critically, we are expert in transforming real-time manufacturing data-flows into actionable intelligence – and this is the key to more responsive, more agile and more collaborative manufacturing practice.

Where Atos has been invited to design and implement manufacturing integration initiatives, results are significant and quantifiable:

  • Productivity
  • up 10-15%
  • Resource Utilization
  • up 10-20%
  • Stock reduction
  • down   25-50% 
  • Throughput time
  • down 10-20%
  • Delivery reliability
  • up 5-10%
  • Planning accuracy
  • up 25-80%

    Atos Integrated Manufacturing

    Integrated Manufacturing – the case for action

    When Atos is invited to implement full manufacturing integration initiatives, we eliminate manual and time-consuming alignment between different functional teams, replacing it with seamless workflow across the underlying systems.

    Integrated manufacturing does not stop at the boundary of the enterprise. It must extend across the supply chain, ensuring that all suppliers are able to benefit from increased efficiencies, speeding provision and responsiveness.

    Customers too make an essential contribution to the collaborative intelligence of any truly integrated manufacturing enterprise.


    Baerbel Koch-Haebel
    Global Marketing Manager

    Integrated Manufacturing

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