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Many manufacturers are seeking ways to expand into new regions or markets as global operations become a fact of life. One answer is a Greenfield development – a new production (and often office) site, built from scratch, in any location. Your Greenfield site’s success, however, depends on: speed of implementation to ensure rapid access to a new market or region; and best-in-class IT solutions to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs and deliver you competitive advantage.


To give our customers the best support when implementing new plants, Atos has created the ‘Anywhere Manufacturing’ portfolio.


Anywhere Manufacturing is a complete portfolio of manufacturing IT solutions and services created to ensure the most complete and rapid design, build and operate of your Greenfield project. We orchestrate every element of your Greenfield IT by leveraging the Atos Business Technology vision, as well as our manufacturing heritage, IT innovation and global scale.


Your IT, delivered by our Greenfield Business Technologists


Our Greenfield Business Technologists work with you at every level, putting in place rigorous project and program management and Greenfield IT - guided by experienced Greenfield consulting - to bring together the right blend of IT solutions for rapid implementation, operational speed and agility:

  • Foundation IT

    We enable your Greenfield project to get up and running as quickly as possible, through our innovative Foundation IT solutions including Adaptive Workplace, Mobile Data Centers, Enterprise Content Management and Cloud solutions.

  • Manufacturing Process Solutions

    Advanced manufacturing solutions, delivered as part of our Integrated Manufacturing portfolio ensure your Greenfield site operates smoothly from Day One. This includes mature solutions for MES and MOM, advanced planning systems, PLM, and ERP.

Anywhere Manufacturing


Take the next steps to Anywhere Manufacturing


To find out more about how Anywhere Manufacturing gives you the Greenfield IT that’s key to your new site’s success, take a look at our brochure, and email us to arrange a face-to-face discussion.

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