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Atos has a deep and demonstrable commitment to healthcare, and we can point to many active examples. These range from patient record management in France and Germany, to highly effective mobile mammography units in the Netherlands, and to entirely outsourced medical processes in the UK.

With its IT Reference Architecture for Healthcare, Atos has created a framework which allows healthcare professionals to examine the direct association between healthcare domains and processes and the IT services and solutions which enable them.

Behind these highly visible initiatives, we sustain a continuing focus on the foundation IT which underpins every successful information and knowledge-sharing initiative.

In inviting our healthcare clients to take a step back, and consider the extended foundation IT landscape, we hope that together we can reveal opportunities for more sustainable and rewarding approaches to essential IT services in healthcare.

Take time to reflect on foundation IT in healthcare. 

Foundation IT in Healthcare

Atos delivers a broad range of foundation IT services to healthcare providers. Our foundation IT consultants are ready to work with you at both a strategic and operational level. Ultimately, all aspects of foundation IT are interconnected, and it is always worthwhile spending time reflecting on the big picture from process, technology and partnership perspectives.

Areas of particular interest include:

Shared Service Center

The future of healthcare rests on the extended eco-system. The eco-system demands shared resources and services.

Atos is experienced in all technical and process aspects of establishing shared service centers.

Datacenter Rationalization

Healthcare is “information intensive” and today, that means digital. How can healthcare agencies optimize storage and network access to services.

Atos is a leader in all aspects of datacenter rationalization and consolidation – with our inside view of healthcare we understand the regulatory and compliance impact too.

Record Management

Record management is at the top of the agenda for most healthcare providers. Joined-up record management remains a dream for most – not least because of concerns for security and confidentiality.

As a master of all aspects of record management, Atos is already creating smart patient record systems. Security and scalability are designed in from the start.

Adaptive Workplace

Specialists need the right information to be available wherever the point of patient contact. It may be in the hospital or home, or indeed, at the scene of an accident.

With its expertise in workplace and smart mobility, Atos can ensure that clinicians (and administrators) have the appropriate access method with the right information wherever they need it.

Cloud Delivery

Cloud delivery will increase responsiveness and agility across healthcare.

Cloud specialists at Atos have more than cloud design and delivery skills – we know how to craft new commercial models too.


Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

Foundation IT in Healthcare

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