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Atos for healthcare in the 21st century

We now live in the ‘age of austerity’ and we need to do more with less. There is no magic pill—increasing citizen expectations and socio-economic factors are resulting in large levels of data, and complex operating environments.

All of these require greater collaboration between providers, funding bodies, regulators and inter-governmental departments on a local, regional and national level.

The challenge is to create a joined-up, transparent healthcare service where professionals can provide the highest quality care, but within the context of a complex operating environment, shrinking budgets and citizens managing their own healthcare.

Atos eHealth solutions

Healthcare solutions from Atos focus on empowering healthcare professionals to provide the best care they can, for the best outcomes.

Improving citizen self-management
Multichannel access to secure and reliable information empowers citizens to manage their own healthcare decisions, from preventative care to treatment options for long-term chronic ailments.

Better access to information for healthcare professionals
Easy and secure access to essential decision-making information, regardless of location, and better management of disparate systems and sources helps to support care professionals, ensuring they make the right decisions for the right outcomes.

Improving operations for better patient care
Taking an intelligent and innovative approach to the way you manage, maintain and develop your systems is vital to ensuring your resources go further. This can greatly impact the citizen care you are able to provide.

Enabling collaborative working
Healthcare organizations now have to rely on complex chains of stakeholders and niche service providers to fulfil their missions. It’s essential to align all of these connections so that the required information is available to those who need it, quickly, reliably and securely.

The Atos eHealth track record

For over two decades we have worked with health authorities across the world, designing and implementing cutting-edge diagnostic, health provision and record management systems tailored for specific needs. We foster closer and mutually beneficial partnerships between public and private bodies.

Our track record in healthcare includes:

  • Being a strategic partner to all 17 health regions in Spain
  • Electronically managing over 36 million electronic bookings to English hospitals and processing up to 700,000 transactions a day
  • Atos is a strategic partner to the Austrian government, including the country-wide eCard rollout of nine million cards; eMedication for 6,000 pharmacies; and eHealth infrastructure management.
  • Managing the medical costs of 6.5 million private patients in South America
  • Creating a system that will ultimately collect healthcare information on 60 million French citizens, for use by authorized clinicians.
  • Hosting and maintaining services for 70 hospitals for NHS Scotland and developing all eHealth systems as a strategic partner
  • Designed and built a digital hospital for ORBIS, one of the biggest healthcare providers in the Netherlands, including all telephony, bedside systems, identity access management and more.

And that is just a snapshot.

We have more than 3,000 business technologists worldwide specializing in healthcare, and our health leadership team have all held senior managerial and clinical positions in the wider health sector.

To discover how we can empower your healthcare organisation, please contact us:


Steve Moralee
Global Marketing Manager Public sector, Healthcare and Transport

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