Zero email™

Zero email™ A better way to work

New communication and collaboration tools have emerged, offering
alternatives to email, and making it much less relevant. Open, multi-platform communication is fast becoming the norm – and it’s commonplace for content to be expressed in multiple ‘dimensions’ at once.

There is now a stronger focus on social networks among people who share business interests and activities. Group communities form the central information and communication hub for different topics, and work is done more quickly and to a higher standard. Blogs, wikis, instant messaging, and social media tools, to name a few, are all in common usage in our private lives and are starting to enter the professional environment.

However, they are rarely properly integrated in the professional sphere to support a natural flow of work.

Taking advantage of new tools


Our Zero email™ offering changes all that. Zero email™ is not an ambition in itself, but more a side effect of smarter usage of the collaboration tools available today. Based on our own experience, we have created an approach which will help you transform the way employees communicate and collaborate.

We aim to encourage innovation, ensure a more agile enterprise, and speed up time to market for new services and products. Our inimitable new offering will allow you to effectively control information overflow and introduce much-needed transparency into information management.

Looking beyond email


At Atos, we believe that Zero email™ is the best managerial concept to drive our organization to become a truly social organization, fully adopting the technologies of the future workplace. Working with you we will help make collaboration tools the cornerstone of your IT landscape, helping define the evolutionary path for your business, based on solid objectives and a strong business case. Collaboration is about people and, as the workforce evolves, so will the expectations of your employees.

We understand this and as a result every aspect of our solution is designed with the user in mind. Only by doing this can we deliver the full benefit of collaboration and give your people the tools they need to give your business long-term competitive advantage.

zero email evolution cycle


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Our Zero email™ offering evolutionizes the communication and collaboration processes within your enterprise.
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