Work smarter with blueKiwi

Connect employees, partners and customers

An innovative technology leader, blueKiwi is Europe’s largest SaaS provider of Enterprise Social Software. We help enterprises worldwide increase their business performance through social collaboration. blueKiwi has been consistently recognized by industry expert Gartner Inc. since 2007.

Since becoming an Atos company in early 2012, blueKiwi has leveraged Atos’ global presence and Cloud technology expertise to further evolve our powerful SaaS solution. blueKiwi’s focus on enterprise social networks, combined with Atos’s broader product and service portfolio, creates a powerful combination that enables us to offer further value to our customers through a unique blend of consultancy, innovation, and implementation.

blueKiwi ZEN


With blueKiwi ZEN, you can eliminate the complexity of today’s work environment by providing a single, easily accessible place for users to collaborate, organize, and exchange information. In this uniquely collaborative work environment, membership is not dictated by job description, but by experience and expertise. By creating a place where users can contribute and share, blueKiwi ZEN captures the powerful collective knowledge of an entire organization. This helps employees get the answers they need to time-sensitive questions and equips them to make better decisions.


And blueKiwi’s new social recommendation engine helps users build new connections by bringing the expertise of the extended network directly to them – and by recommending additional people, topics, and content that may help further develop their work.

Collaborate everywhere


A blueKiwi enterprise social network can connect everyone at your organization anywhere – using tools familiar to them. With mobile devices to access information on the go and business apps like Microsoft Outlook and Office to ease new app integration, going social is simple. And with blueKiwi, you have a single space to collaborate and exchange ideas on a subject – so no one is left behind.

Who uses blueKiwi?


Every day, our customers rely on blueKiwi to out collaborate, out communicate, and out innovate the competition. From small companies with dozens of users to large enterprise and government organizations with tens of thousands of users, blueKiwi customers can be found in most major business sectors, including Business Services, Education, Finance, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Retail.

How to buy blueKiwi


blueKiwi comes in three editions; Professional, Premium, and Enterprise, each designed to meet the needs and requirements of different organizations.


  • blueKiwi Professional Edition. Perfect for organizations planning to improve internal and external collaboration within a specific department or by project scope. The Professional Edition includes everything you need to build and manage an internal social business network or external community.
  • blueKiwi Premium Edition. Designed for organizations who want to turn their group and community conversations into actionable company collaboration. With the Premium edition, you can create a branded community experience, integrate with other applications and receive advanced support from blueKiwi.
  • blueKiwi Enterprise Edition. Ideal for organizations who want a comprehensive social business solution. The Enterprise Edition can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and applications. The Enterprise edition also includes the new blueKiwi Office and Outlook Connectors, as well as the new social recommendation engine.
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