Real-time information to support the business

Information is at the heart of every business. But information alone has no value. To realize that value you need to access, analyze and interpret the data within your systems, turning it into the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

The SAP HANA ® platform is an entirely new approach, using in-memory processing technology to manipulate and analyze data. It’s a flexible solution that also reduces the costs associated with the operation of multiple data warehouses or other storage systems/platforms, providing the basis for you to simplify your IT infrastructure and greatly enhance the power and functionality that it provides.

SAP HANA gives you access to the huge volume of data within your organization, in real time. With SAP HANA you can make live decisions based on information captured from virtually any source, instantly exploring, analyzing and acting upon the insight it provides. The time between a transaction or event and your ability to act is reduced to seconds, regardless of scale.

With SAP HANA you can get split second answers to complicated questions across your entire supply chain. Atos helps its clients to discover and manage the value of the real-time information within an enterprise.

Why choose SAP HANA?


  • Speed: manage massive data volume in seconds not hours
  • Agility: real-time decisions supported by live information
  • Order: gain insight from any data, structured or unstructured
  • Insight: enquire, and get the answers, immediately
  • Power: run new applications that harness the power of information
  • Cloud: a secure, scalable and robust cloud-based model
  • Innovation: use knowledge to drive change, faster than ever before
  • Simplicity: take any volume or type of data and reduce cost and complexity
  • Value: optimize your business to create new offers and improve margins
  • Choice: use the hardware you choose and the software you prefer

With our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement, we make the difference for your existing and potential future SAP investment:



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Press Release

Atos closes first contract for implementing SAP HANA® in the cloud at Systagenix >>

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