Mobile Data Centers

Does your organization need a flexible, versatile and reliable IT infrastructure? Atos offers a Mobile Platform as a Service (MPaaS) from a MpaaS Data Center unit which has been developed together with Siemens. This innovative solution is ideal for remote sites and extreme conditions.


The Mobile Platform as a Service Data Center unit can be used either temporarily or permanently, for instance when building a Data Center is not financially feasible or practical. The MpaaS Data Center unit offers a high performance private infrastructure anywhere in a ruggedized Data Center unit. Mobile Platform as a Service gives you a turn-key and reliable infrastructure that seamlessly links up with your existing IT. Mobile Platform as a Service is a turn-key solution for a high-quality Data Center, housed in an easily transportable, robust TIER II twin Data Center unit. The MPaaS Data Center unit comprises a complete, standardized IT infrastructure – flexible, secure and supporting server virtualization. Flexible in both location and applicability, highly secured and fully setup to maximize virtualization of servers and workplaces.


The IT is fully integrated with the physical accommodation, including power supply, climate control and security. Moreover, the MpaaS Data Center unit is equipped to withstand extreme conditions and inhospitable environments. In other words, a plug & play solution that can be extended with a wide range of services from VoIP to office automation, from advanced identity & access management to virtualization of workstations, servers and applications.


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