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Delivering a Guarantee of Available, Compliant Applications

Businesses today are hungrier than ever for applications which add value. But ensuring that they are reliable and delivered on time can be a challenge. Here, by combining industrialization with personal service, Testing services deliver real savings and a real edge.


Testing allows the client to review a system and confirm that all the agreed user, functional, technical and operational criteria have been met before final delivery to production. Such services can apply to one or several business processes, or to one application or a portfolio of applications developed or maintained by one or several organizations.


Based on this offering, we help our customers to optimize their testing assets, leading to better quality of their products/services, less errors, and consequently to increased time to market, less penalties caused by errors in the field, and a better reputation as product and service provider.

Solutions Built on a Progressive, Innovative Approach

Testing provides industrial-scale management of all Test and Acceptance (functional, technical, Performance, Business Process Validation and operability) as well as integration activities for production and commissioning.


Testing includes also services to operate infrastructures for applications under tests as well as providing T&A Infrastructures and delivers product assurance.

Why Atos?


By combining highly automated processes with a genuine understanding of each individual customer, we make sure you get the applications you need – on time, on budget, and more cost-effectively than you can do it for yourself.


  • We are able to secure better ROI because our teams concentrate on the quality of an application and its direct linkage to its usage in day-to-day business.
  • The standardization of testing as well as move to production process, brings increases productivity, clearly defines a project scope and boundaries, and contributes to its enhancement.
  • We offer our Clients 100% dedicated Testing teams which are involved throughout the project from its early phases (i.e. from Business Requirements).
  • We are in close contact with reputable tool vendors and we closely cooperate with several universities, certification/training institutes and other research facilities.
  • Our testing capabilities include about experienced testers and test consultants on sites in Europe and India. Among them, we have many engineers with ISTQB®-certification.

We manage the IT of the Olympic Games as well as Nuclear Power plants, railways and air traffic control (ATOC) systems. That’s why leading companies and agencies such as France Telecom, the UK Government and Philips trust our test and acceptance methodology.


Need to know more?

Olympic Games Testing

Testing for the Olympic Games


Cloud Test and Acceptance Management

Testing2CLOUD Testing in the Cloud


Cloud Test and Acceptance Management

Revolutionizing Processes for ATOC and the Rail Industry in the UK


TAM4SAP delivering on time and on budget

TAM4SAP Delivering vital SAP projects on time and to budget



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TAM Brochure

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