Dynamic PLM Service

The challenge: pressure on customers PLM processes and IT

Customers’ PLM is generally facing…


  • changing business environments with increasing pressure to enhance and integrate value chains globally. Cross Enterprise Collaboration. Dynamic and flexible Infrastructure
  • the need for innovative products in a faster time-to-market leading to an increasing demand for driving efficiency in all parts of their organizations, respecting compliances, rules and regulations.
  • the need for an IT that is unleashing their core competencies, realizing cost reduction, integrating business and IT partners, safeguarding security and availability of application.

The solution: PLM Cloud platform for Siemens Teamcenter


Dynamic PLM Service

What’s in?
Industry-specific configuration of Teamcenter for a rapid implementation – you have the licenses, all the rest (Cloud Infrastructure, User support and application management) is provided by Atos

  • You focus on your core competencies while Atos takes care of your PLM environment

For whom?
Small- / medium-sized businesses and subsidiaries of global players with superior PLM demand but no motivation for ‘do-it-yourself’

  • Unleash your potential thanks to a professional PLM environment

What’s new?
‘Pay as you use’ model abolishing inflexible IT investments and the need to build your own support team

  • Let IT follow your business

Customer benefits of Dynamic PLM Service


  • Reduced capital expenditure (CapEx) by the Cloud business model.
  • Monthly cost flexibility by pay-per-user pricing model. (Teamcenter licenses excluded!)
  • Availability of infrastructure and services in no time significantly reduce duration and risks of Teamcenter implementation projects.
  • Reliability and service quality due to standardization on proven and certificated technology and global bundling of skills and resources.
  • Access to the knowledge network of Siemens PLM Software due to Atos’ global strategic partnership with this market leader.

Dynamic PLM Service comply to the Atos Security Framework

To achieve Security in Cloud Computing legal and technical security topics have to be considered

  • Legal concerns like Legal Regulations, Export Control and Company Policies.
  • Technical concerns like confidentiality, integrity and availability by monitoring of system resources, human resource security, physical environmental security, communication and operations managements, access control, … and more.

Atos Security Framework

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