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It has been an exciting journey so far

Changing behavior does not happen overnight. It requires training and support for all employees. Leading by example is key to our success. Training material is available to accompany a global program to train 5,000 managers in leadership skills in a collaborative environment. In addition, clear onboarding guidelines, a quick start training course and manual, “persona” film animations showing the benefits of collaboration and manual help ensure each community has set a clear purpose and is off to a good start.

Project Manager

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  • Involve your team
  • Participate in a community
  • Co-create and share
  • Keep everyone up to date 
  • Create and assign actions

Team Leader

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  • Manage activities
  • Connect members
  • Review team progress
  • Promote new way of working
  • Encourage social learning

A global employee engagement program has provided information and activities to build awareness, inviting employees to join communities and become active, productive members.

Communication activities include:

  • Write History Together movie made by employees showing in  video or photographs how they have changed the way they work;
  • E-mail addict viral clips. Real life short stories about employees who are moving from being a self-confessed e-mail addict to an active social business network member;
  • Zero Hero logoZero Heroes. A personal Desktop Widget to measure internal e-mail use compared to active engagement in blueKiwi, our social business network. The widget rewards active use in blueKiwi through a points system. When individuals reach 1000 points, they become a true Zero Hero.
  • 60,000+ Atos employees were on boarded in blueKiwi by the end of June 2013. All 76,000 will be onboard by the end of this year, with  80% being active community members at that time.
  • 4,000+ communities created (June 2013); 65 processes redesigned “email free”
  • 2,500 senior managers trained, with training of all 5,000 to be completed by December 2013
  • A change network of 10,000 Zero email™ ambassadors, champions and key users is in place to provide local hands on support and advice to colleagues.
  • Expected decrease of number emails sent in most advanced countries (up to 20%) and communities (up to 80%) now being experienced

Our Zero email™ ambition has been embraced by our employees, who are eager to find a smarter way to work. Those who were involved in the first pilots report a dramatic decline in email volumes of up to 80% and more importantly they have reported better personal productivity, team working, knowledge-sharing and sales synergies.  



Service Delivery Manager

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  • Stay connected
  • Share knowledge
  • Customize info views
  • Speed up search


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  • Update profile
  • Find experts you need
  • Track and filter key info
  • Share your expertise

Zero email in action

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Email addict

Email addict

Atos logo Zero email

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