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Zero email™ program - transforming towards a social enterprise

In 2010 Atos announced to the market that we would become the first Zero email™ company by the end of 2013. Whilst our ambition to eradicate internal email continues to grab media attention worldwide, our vision is actually much broader as we aim to radically transform our way of working and create a truly social enterprise. Over the past two years we have been on an exciting journey to explore a more collaborative and efficient work life, by enabling better ways to share knowledge across borders, building communities independent of hierarchies, business units and functions, finding experts easily and driving innovation.

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There is no doubt that email has been a powerful enabler that has delivered benefits in both social and business environments, but its success has also brought with it a number of problems. Today most employees spend so much time simply processing the volume of emails that they receive, many not directly requiring their attention, that it is negatively affecting their productivity. Managing people via email is impersonal, creating distance between teams, and email lacks the flexibility to foster a genuinely collaborative working environment.

At Atos we have recognized this challenge within our own business and implemented the Zero emailTM program to move away from a reliance on internal email by the end of 2013, replacing it with a much more productive, collaborative environment. This doesn’t mean losing the benefits that email offers. Instead, by introducing blueKiwi, our enterprise social network integrated with our core systems and processes, we enhance the power and flexibility of social media.

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The new way of working, unleashing everyone’s talents to achieve faster time to market, accelerated innovation, and social wellbeing!

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  • Work as a team
  • Store final versions
  • Find answers
  • Keep up to date

The results are greater agility, productivity, speed and effectiveness through easier project management, knowledge sharing and communication. Individuals are able to switch between workgroups as their responsibilities change, removing much of the background ‘noise’ of broadcast email and ensuring they are focused only on the tasks relevant to them. Management are able to keep in touch with their teams and oversee the projects more easily, enabling them to direct their attention where it is most needed. New employees become part of the team more quickly and effectively, with easy access to support, training and development in a more natural and welcoming environment. Delivery teams are able to share information more easily and work collectively towards clear and common goals. Visibility has improved across the business as the status of any project is clearer, making it possible to effectively focus resource in areas where it is needed. By reducing the tendency to check emails at home too there is a removal of the ‘blurring’ of work and social life, providing a better work/life balance.
We are now using the lessons learned and the experience gained through this internal initiative to offer a unique set of services and solutions to support our clients in their transformation towards a collaborative enterprise.

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